Self Ish EP

by Verb T

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Welcome to my new self produced EP. This was a result of me staying up late drinking Dr Pepper and obsessively making beats, which was quite out of the blue as I usually make 1 beat every 2 months. I decided impulsively to put the tracks straight out rather than sit on them for years, enjoy

This EP was recorded at Kilamanjaro studios by Chemo, the beats were made by Verb T and mixed by Chemo and Verb T, the vocals were mixed by Chemo. Mastering by Rico Conning.

My full length album 'Serious Games' is out now available from,, i tunes etc


released March 31, 2011

All tracks written and produced by Verb T
except 'Break Out' written by Fliptrix and Verb T, produced by Verb T



all rights reserved


Verb T London


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Track Name: Self Ish
Verse 1- I can see you're upset, but I don't care / I can see you need something but I won't share / right now I can't see past my arms reach / tryna get by but hardly managing / can't keep handling pressure / quit handing it to me / I'm about to flip and abandon ship / plans will switch, friends will leave / they got their own shit so it's only me / lonely? please, no this ain't no sad tune / I'm more like an old grumpy fuck in a bad mood / talking to myself as I shuffle in the hallway / moaning, calling kids motherfuckers all day / Talking 'bout how shit used to be much better / what happened? it's all gone fucked fellas / no I don't wanna change can't help it / on my self ish yes I'm so selfish

Chorus- Don't care about you, your family or friends / we don't like each other, lets not pretend / I don't like people, don't give a shit / I hate everyone except maybe my kids

Verse 2- I can see you're mad, but I don't care / dressed in the type of shit that I won't wear / you look like a knob, I'm just saying / and I'm serious, don't think that I'm just playing / who you are - I don't care about that / thats when mouths snap shut like mouse traps / I float like crocodiles in the outback / count on me? fuck no man I doubt that / down pat. - the style I got / the sofa is - what you find me on / I lost my job now I'm tryna find a job / you might be listening but you didn't buy it from me / thanks a lot, you're a cunt / but if you did buy it thank you very much / hold up wait, don't get excited, you're still a cunt only a cunt would buy my shit.
Track Name: Everything
Life's a war from beginning to end / are you digging your grave or digging a trench / flames from the sky man it's just intense / and the hard headed still won't listen to sense / you feel it take hold and take control / don't worry cos you placed in the hands of a professional / best that you know from the start / real sharp, you feel it like a hole in the heart / survival is hard in the cold and the dark / felt lost and all trying to find who we are / plotting with my cohorts in the park / and the plot that we made is we're taking it's ours / keep my family away from the harm that life brings, inevitably no you can't / wanna head to the mountains and chant / I'm trapped buy these worldly ways I'm not calm / and you see we pray for one last miracle after we die and that's paradise / nothing can defend us when the end comes, so we then run but where we end up?
Track Name: Lov(fuck)ed Up
Love will make you wanna stab your self right? / curl up in a ball and just die / bitch don't you feel the same way? / Ice Cube could you pass the AK / cos today weren't a very great day / time heals all wounds they say / but for now these skies stay grey / so I'm headed for the stars make way / I feel like my insides have been twisted up / been lifted up put back upside down / and I don't give a fuck right now / duck right down, cupid is shooting / you don't wanna be hit and look stupid and goofy / then you see your girl with a dude in a movie / you just annoy her now, boo hoo / she hates you and you hate you too

-I don't understand, I don't know who I am / I've become who I thought you wanted / then I came to find out I wasn't / I don't understand / I don't know who I am / that's just my luck / love will fuck you up