Self Less EP

by Verb T

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It's here! the follow up to 'Self Ish' it's bigger, it's better, and I hope you all enjoy it. Many of these tracks were recorded in one 4 hour session as was the case with Self Ish, however I felt this time I needed to go back and add more and fine tune what I had.

The first track 'Luke Warm Buzz' is kinda me poking fun at myself for average sales, average to no media buzz etc. but none of that matters, I'm still the best. fact.

'I'm Good' and 'Self Less' show the more positive and hopeful side of my character, it could be said I got a bit preachy on these, you don't have to agree with me though just enjoy my fantastic silky smooth vocal stylings and the 'smooth as baby lotion' production.

Day at the Beach was leaked recently, and apparently it's an instant classic, not my words, the words of youtube account holders, and they would know! this track features Fliptrix (high focus head honcho, killer emcee, general badman) and the lyrical genius that is Jam Baxter

Return of the Ill Hand is a bit special to me, it's me teaming up with my old mate Kashmere, who absolutely rips this track by the way. The title is a reference to our LowLife records double EP 'Back hand slap talk / Technical Illness' and features us talking from the point of view of germs and viruses over an ILL break, so there.

Mental Paralysis errrrrrr, yeah, I was tapped into another world when creating this beat and rhyme, it is what it is, I feel like someone else made it.

Peak Dreams is kinda like my Ode to Cypress Hill in a way, I didn't do that consciously but listening back to it thats the vibe I get, I think fitting then that the track features the supreme talent Leaf Dog (who recently released one of the best albums in a very long time on high focus) as he kinda brings a similar vibe and energy to this track as a B real or Sic Jacken type emcee, which is good, very good.

2moro features my RAP TEAM associates Joker Starr and Truth, if you watch don't flop battle league you will recognise both of these guys from there. Both very clever and original writers with unique flow and delivery, 2 artists I would urge you to seek out further if you haven't already.

Self Out does exactly what it says on the tin. Ronseal.

so there you have it, the new self produced Verb T EP 'Self Less' ENJOY!


released June 18, 2011

All tracks written and produced by Verb T, all featured artists wrote their own lyrics. Beats were initially mixed by Verb T, extra mixing done by Chemo, all vocal recorded and mixed by Chemo at Kilamanjaro studios. Mastering by Rico Conning



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Track Name: Luke Warm Buzz
I hit the earth left a creator / the desecrator, I gets the paper, and put the ink on it / my mind, my heart and my soul / I'm ice cold, throwing knives in a blindfold / I'm bipolar you fools are bi-curious / by Jove my shit's dope so buy more of it / before I leave you all hanging like an ornament / and slump you in the corner while I order in a take away / wack producers better stay away / you will not catch me tryna serve steak on a paper plate / big up my label mates, I've had so many / and you could never take my mediocre sales away / my luke warm buzz is unrivalled, my mind starts to unhinge and slip into a dumb spiral / that is some cycle / I'm in the tour de France hauling ass / with a jet pack on roaring past / without a helmet or a mask, I wiped my nuts on the ice that's sitting in your water glass / (thats a par) man shut the fuck up ypu dumb fucks....
I'm twisted like crack smoke / broker than a bad joke / tryna broker new deals associates are mad though / or maybe mad broke / test driving new wheels, wonder how your crew feels? / new deal? no we aren't happy / is that the future or is somebody mirroring the past at me / who could that be? snapping like the paparazzi / I'll rip your arm off and use the shit to flag a taxi / got a mile long rap sheet / coulda been a scientist, coulda been an athlete / but no an emcee, god damn waste of life / take the mic - abbreviation, thats a way of life / wave the white flag man cos it's over now / no more living for myself I'm a soldier now
Track Name: I'm Good
A voice in the dark, echoes from a nightmare / guide you astray, life in the haze / live from the page, I bring this direct / ride with the pain, through the ink I dissect / uncover diamonds, yet another gem / reborn then real fast your times up again / are we all hell bent on the self harm / as if we're in a cell with out the jail bars / standing with my hands tied / watching my loved ones caught up in the landslide / thinking back to the time that we planned high hopes / came to the cross roads its a damn sight harder to chose / path full of land mines, head full of twisted logic in a muddle / spin fools like blenders, leave em as a puddle / poor fuckers all they ever needed was a cuddle / raise from the rubble without a scratch and thats trouble / all around the map, shot of venom down the hatch / now I'm back, my soul disgraced, I return as a beast in an altered state / hold the stake to your heart damn blood sucker / Verbs with a vengeance this is non other / so don't keep your focus so small / the minds a powerful thing but many give it no thought / so fall victim and grow bored / I'm tryna look to the good but there's no more

I'm good, even though I might've done bad,
I'm good, I don't need what you have
I'm good x4
you know that love breeds love
and you know that hate breeds hate
so you've got to make your choice
don't be controled by your mistakes

love breeds love, hate breeds hate / don't let your past mistakes dictate your fate / take some risks, break some shit / elevate then reformulate and lift / to the new peak that some weren't aware was there / the winner is the one who dares - prepare, and don't keep your focus so small, the minds a powerful thing but many give it no thought / worth repeating, my pens been moving I got work this evening / hail Mary when I curse a demon / send em back to the grave head first and screaming / hurt like families in churches grieving / come on let's make the whole world believers
Track Name: Self Less
Many have all that they need and want more than that / say it's because they're driven, should we be applauding that? / life is something that I approach laid back / but what else could you be on a torture rack? / more dramatics of the amateur variety / you lie to yourself but can't lie to me / a web of deceit and real is what I'm tryna be / I mean, I don't even wanna lie to sleep / night'll creep fast, you see your days pass / break promises and yes we break hearts / break laws, break for red lights / stuck in life's traffic like dear in the head lights / remembering the best times endlessly / stuck like happiness is just a memory / so I treat today like the future and live in it / and treat the good from the past like it still exists / words of wisdom I heard from a distance, instinct kicks in / we can't live like this, lifeless / let light in, seek clarity, loves priceless / sweet parody, I love you, please marry me / carry me, away

carry me away / i just wanna drift
to another place / further than this
there's so many times that I've been alone
and now I wanna share everything I own
I'm tryna be selfless
I'm tryna think about myself less

Life ain't always as it seems / when you feel down sometimes you're at your peak / and why's that? that's when you have to be at your best and strong enough to fight free from the hands of stress / a man possessed, a woman of conviction / people of belief, children with a vision / see we borrow this planet from our kids as they do from theirs but man who cares? / who shares now? everybody selfish / benefits reach few and leave many helpless / as long as ideas are well pitched / compared to this, I don't know maybe hells bliss / or maybe hell's just a state of mind / a fear we feel, when trying to escape the life that we hate living / gotta stay with it, find your place in it / we love to play cynic, I'd rather that you understand it than praising it / sometimes fans are just blades spinning / but still I'm so grateful you hit play / wonder how did my life twist round this way / can't live like this, lifeless / let light in, seek clarity, loves priceless / sweet parody, I love you, please marry me / carry me away
Track Name: Mental Paralysis
Mental paralysis of the over analyst / blurry eyes to the manuscript sipping a can of drink / heart is in an amulet, my body's in an ambulance / soaking in the ambience approaching is the man the myth / the legendary, for getting very wrapped up in the melody / I met the peak and made my way merrily / to redefine the possible, staying logical would be an obstacle / breaking laws, thumbs down across the board / sucker punch a giant, toss a dwarf into a lava lake / drop it raw, pretty things spread like marmalade / can't complain, they beg 'carve my name, want me, need me' please b you sound so sleazy / wheezy in my chest like young money cos I'm old, money / so funny how I throw dummies off course / lock jaw Pit style you won't budge me / I guess we gotta show em now hoe to flow gully