Smash Man Supreme (the story so far) mixtape

by Dick Trusay

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Words from Dick Trusay........

'This is a collection of old tings mans done over the years. If I get 100'000 listens or 10'000 downloads I'll make a new album, a sick one, and I'll also give your girl a porkinson banger, free. If i don't get those figures, I'll murk myself, possibly by getting in the bath with a poisonous squid like Will Smith in that movie about the man who murks himself with a squid.

Mans on a hype ting.

Smathathon was made in 2005, its produced by man like Ronnie Rude who is the twin brother of badman hip hop producer Ghost. It's about how I keep smashing it, therefore my life is a smashthon.

2cold was made at the same time as smashathon, i do that, make 2 classics in a row, all the time. ronnie rude upon the beats and ting, Robust verses from a robust rap lord

Session with tha man dem is just me laying down couple tingz avec da man dem like big Dayv, big Paul and your mum. produced by me

Monsta Maaaash is a straight up hype tune, about how mans can't test me. produced by me, get me

Dummiez for da munnie, is about how mans got P, nuff P, man could spend 10 bags on just a hairdo, I'll go club and spend score on a shot, i dont care, if i dropped a ton i might not be arsed to pick it up, you man would be diving like Gregg Luganis, so fuck off b4 you get hit in the head like Gregg Luganis, you man are gay, like Gregg Luganis.

i almost fell in love once ... is a true story, you will never hear me get this emotional on a song about a woman ever again, sorry to my real G's, mans not gay unlike Gregg Luganis.

Hustlers Instinct, this song is poor tbh, mans was nuff tired, beat is dope shit but... I mean even if I'm not pon form I still come stronger than any1 else, get me

S.G.B - the classic anthem, thats all, produced by man like Mobb Dave, who is the second cousin of producer / Gang member Chemo

How many Shots? - Mobb David produccy the classics just keep coming. OMG OMD #gangsta classics

Spazz Jazz, Bad man tune for bunning a big zoot, produced by man like Ghost. I paid him 5 bags for dis ting ting blad. and thats the end. mans on dis ting, if you want a nex album buy his and play it to your fam, get meh!


released December 25, 1985



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Verb T London


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